The Connected Car and Green Initiatives

By | 26th October 2015

I am really excited about the connected car. There are many security concerns and privacy issues that will need to be resolved. What I’d like to take view on is that a connected car is a good thing. The data collected would change the world.

So, first off, if you are not charging your Tesla from a renewable power source it is more environmentally unfriendly than my 2009 VW Diesel. Coal power (yes it is still the most abundant source of electricity) is the dirtiest, most inefficient way to get electricity. Any Tesla driver in South Africa should be treated with the same disdain as a hummer driver. You’re all going to laugh, the most environmentally friendly vehicle for all seasons in the hybrid.motor vehicle engines are the most efficient Watt/Ton of carbon in general availability, so the Prius and the like leverage this power for the battery. I do understand that a Tesla is much hotter than a Prius. Not in temperature but in ability to improve weekends and evening out.

Enough about Teslas. If you have a connected car, you will know the following things:
1) Where it is going (from and to)
2) when it left and when it arrived (and how long each leg of the trip took – ps Google already use this data really well)
3) How much fuel was used during each leg of the journey.

With this information you could do the following:
1) Optimize departure times and routes to stagger traffic to ensure smoother traffic flows during busy periods (come on Google, this is the next logical step)
2) Optimize departure times and routes to reduce fuel usage

The second point is the more interesting one, it could have a huge impact on carbon emissions on a global scale. Companies could even leverage this for their community service initiatives just by enforcing Big Data controlled flexitime. The mind boggles.