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Odd pattern in Dunnhumby dataset

I was playing around with the Dunnhumby dataset which is a really nice dataset when you are working with retail clients. We were and now wanted to showcase the lessons from the engagement. The intellectual property of the data was not ours so I used the Dunnhumby dataset to allow me to use the same… Read More »

Investing Disappointment

Yes, I had Bitcoin, yes I almost lost the money. I came out even. I’m happy with that. It was a risk and the money was not huge. This story is not about that. This is about two policies with Liberty. So back in April 2013 I decided to take out two Education Builder (Mod… Read More »

Algorithmic bias and the human response

I was reading this article around Algorithmic Bias as applied to teachers under the IMPACT framework. Under the framework teachers are required to elevate their students a to a higher level as part of their KPI. This effectiveness is measurable, traceable and . . . wrong. That algorithms can give you these measures is great… Read More »

Neural Nets #1

Down the rabbit hole today: Looking at Comparisons between Hebbian and Oja models for Neural nets. I poked around in the world of conversion of categoric data (words) into numeric data, it seems that Markov chains lend themselves better to text analysis than neural networks.  It also strikes me that there is a lot of… Read More »

Temporally Aware Network Routing Algorithms

Don’t get me wrong, I like Google Maps. It helps me get from A to B via C as efficiently as possible. I have noticed a quirk though and I tested it this morning. I live 7.24 km from my children’s school. I left at 6:16 this morning. Maps said that I would be there… Read More »

Quick note on Drupal publishing

I’ve always found publishing on Drupal CMS a bit tedious, it seems to feel like I’m working on a very old system. It is difficult to make your posts look they way you want, you have to be careful about adding images and life is fairly difficult setting up quality posts. I found a really… Read More »

POPI in the sky of Diamonds

I get asked about POPI a lot. I am very pro cloud, I like being able to spin up 500 32 core Virtual machines with my smart phone. I like they way these things are easy. I don’t like the road blocks that people create to make things simpler for themselves to the disadvantage of… Read More »

The financial services uptake of cloud services

I have worked in ICT for a long time. I have seen many things and witness the evolution of the cloud. I was asked to make a slide presentation about cloud maturity a while back and it was an interesting introspection. From production servers under someones desk (you know who you are) to kubernetes clusters… Read More »

Broadband Internet and the fibre misunderstanding

When DSL hit South Africa there was this feeling of us finally getting somewhere. Now we could download that patch, software, game etc. I remember downloading Half-Life 2 over a 64 kb/s leased line because it was faster than at home. There was a bit on consternation when Telkom said that they would be providing… Read More »