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Neural Nets #1

Down the rabbit hole today: Looking at Comparisons between Hebbian and Oja models for Neural nets. I poked around in the world of conversion of categoric data (words) into numeric data, it seems that Markov chains lend themselves better to text analysis than neural networks.  It also strikes me that there is a lot of… Read More »

Temporally Aware Network Routing Algorithms

Don’t get me wrong, I like Google Maps. It helps me get from A to B via C as efficiently as possible. I have noticed a quirk though and I tested it this morning. I live 7.24 km from my children’s school. I left at 6:16 this morning. Maps said that I would be there… Read More »

The Connected Car and Green Initiatives

I am really excited about the connected car. There are many security concerns and privacy issues that will need to be resolved. What I’d like to take view on is that a connected car is a good thing. The data collected would change the world. So, first off, if you are not charging your Tesla… Read More »